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Leave. Jiang Qianxue waved her hand casually. Seeing that you did not go too far, Ill let it go this time. Mind your behavior. If I find out that you did something like this again, Ill break your legs.


“Little brother Dali gave me a Heavenly Frost Sword. Hehe, it’s the best weapon from level nineteen, isn’t it powerful?” Yin Tianzong did not detect the hidden meaning in Jiang Qianxue’s words. He continued to be happily absorbed in himself. “My little brother Dali is really powerful. He got past level nineteen without much effort. No wonder your family agreed to take him in as an Honorary Aristocrat.”


As they chatted, Tang Muxin saw them and joked. Dali, someone is striking up a conversation with your experimental girlfriend. Hehe. This Li Tianxing is indeed here for Sister Qianxue.


He left promptly and returned promptly. In an instant, the Master Appraiser, Brahman, ran over. He shouted as he entered the room, Where is it, where is it? What kind of good items are there?


This was a young man who was about twenty-years-old. He had cute freckles on his face and jet black hair that hung down past his ears. He wore a strand of red prayer beads around his neck and a brown cowboy hat on his head.


When Scott left, the clerk twitched his lips. Whats the big deal, the number one mystery man in the Milky Way is way stronger. He passed thirty levels at one go, I dont see him behaving like you. Chey

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On Earth, it wasn’t very difficult to register a filming company. After all, filming a movie was something very costly and could help to stimulate economic development, create entertainment for the masses and such. But here, in the Milky Way Alliance, it wasn’t so easy to register for a filming company.


It was true that he liked drinking wine. He had tried almost all the wines and liquors in the Milky Way, but it was the first time he had met someone who made the choice of wine cup sound like it was an art. He suddenly felt enlightened. Even the way he looked at Hong Dali was different now.


Dali. Gate gulped down his wine. Hes paying me one hundred and twenty thousand per month. Wahahaha!


The third equipment, Master Brahman exclaimed again. Three Strength +12! Heavens!


The first person in line was so happy he almost fainted. Without saying anything, he took the armor and dashed out of the shop like a madman.


Its hard to say. Tianyi touched his chin and thought for a while. But I think it should not be him. I lost to him in one move previously. After that, a mysterious old man saved me. He was a Galaxy Aristocrat. I could tell. But he disappeared suddenly later. Nothing happened, he must have asked the White Beard Mister if it was him. If he was really the super genius, wouldnt have all the Galaxy Aristocrats rushed over by now?


Yes. Scott took a big step forward. It was a twenty-three- or twenty-four-year-old young man with red hair. He looked confident and wore an extremely proud smile on his face. Do I put my hand here?



“Not bad, not bad.” Hong Dali was quite satisfied with the results. He grinned and nodded. “Okay, let’s just wear these first and change when we have better ones.”



Luckily, just then, Hong Dali met someone who would help him. It was an abject looking middle-aged man. Can I speak to you, Young Master?


Jiang Qianxue twisted the corner of her clothes with her finger. She felt uneasy. After all, the concept of dating was completely foreign to a girl like her.


“Tianzong, I think, I…” Jiang Qianxue thought about it for a while and hesitated, then she bit her lip and said, “I think I like the godly genius. What… what should I do?”

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