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Five seconds later, Quentin had Tianyi firmly under its paws. It yawned lazilyit did not try to bite him, but this was not its fault. It had gotten used to eating Dali beans and had become fussy. Human flesh which was sourish no longer appealed to it


As a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat, Hong Dali clearly had a close relationship with Galaxy Aristocrat Jiang Qianxue. He could even make her wait for him. But this string-puller is too much. He actually said he was a prodigal and could not earn money? What was he thinking?


“I have informed them. They should be here soon.” The Bureau Chief was in a very good mood. He looked around. “I have informed everyone’s family and friends. They will be here soon.”


The Great Prodigal System skill upgrade unlocked. Current Skills can be upgraded: Machine breakdown, assembly, and transformation, Gem processing, embedding, and magic enhancement.


“OK, good.” Old Elder nodded and said, “Ask Hellfire to head towards Faerie Star and pay a visit to Green Pheonix, Kris Sudarian. Also, send out word that anyone who can provide true information of this super-genius will be rewarded with five million Galaxy Dollars.”


Acknowledging a godfather was a joyous occasion, so everyone trooped out to find a restaurant where they could eat, drink and be merry—this was something to be happy about back on Earth in the Heavenly State, and it was not much different here in the Galaxy Alliance Center.

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Of course! Little Bai Hechou grew really fast. Even his learning ability was exceptionally fast. Hong Dali had not seen him for so long, he had learned most of what he needed to learn. I usually learn martial arts with Big Grandfather. Im really powerful now. I have gotten to chapter eight of the Demon Fantasy Record. I can control mysterious energy now. Big Grandfather said it wont be long before I can absorb dark energy.


Waha Gate had just finished his sentence when people started running upstairs in a frenzy. It was not a joking matter. If they got there late, they would regret it for the rest of their lives!


“In that case.” The Mysterious man sighed and said, “Against the Zeg race, other than nuclear weapons, only Chuyin stands a chance?”


Speaking of which, it was said that there would be top-grade attribute gems at this auction. Especially since the Tower of Trials was open, and even weapons with attribute gems could be brought in. All the challengers basic attributes were at one hundred. Hence, the only way to boost their attributes was through the inlays on the weapon.


Hong Dali was in sleepwear, drooling and rubbing his eyes. “It’s Qianxue. It’s so late, you are not asleep yet?”


“As expected. Damn these bugs!” The captain slightly squinted his eyes and gave his orders. “Instruct our men, keep chasing their tail and kill as many of these bugs as we can! Although Earth is our target to be annihilated, the fight within us humans is our own business. If these damned bugs dare to come to mankind’s territory, they are our number one priority! As for the rest, we can talk about that later!”


Shenluo City, the Lords Office, the Jiang Family Regional Office, the Inspection Office for the advancement of Honorary Aristocrats.



Luckily, just then, Hong Dali met someone who would help him. It was an abject looking middle-aged man. Can I speak to you, Young Master?



Levis and the rest of the men were all clad in medieval armor and looked really dashing. If such a large group of people went out looking like that, they were sure to become the center of everyone’s attention!


On the other side, Zhang Yi, who was clad in a black sexy leather attire, ran in. When she saw Hong Dali, she rushed towards him and pulled him into her chest, his face almost on her cleavage. Aiyaya, long time no see, Young Master. I missed you so much, let sister give you a kiss!


“Easy.” Hong Dali rubbed his nose. “Until she finds her dream lover, the super genius who passed thirty levels of the Tower of Trials.”

  • I was hoping I could get some benefits, Tianyi said, dispirited. but it seems that its not that easy.
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