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Saying so, he threw the sword to Yin Tianzong. Yin Tianzong grabbed it and instantly stopped what he wanted to say. He beamed with delight and said, “Oh my, Brother Dali, you are still the best! These useless fellows beside me might be useless in terms of business, but they can only get past one to two levels in the Tower of Trials, really pathetic. If not, I wouldn’t need to ask for your help—oh my, look at this appearance, look at this sharp edge. Good sword, good sword indeed!”


“Oh? Mister, you like drinking wine?” Hong Dali nodded in satisfaction and threw the brick away. He pulled Mister Gate’s arm, led him to a pile of rocks and sat down. Then, he waved his hand breezily. “Xiaoyi, bring wine. Bring a few different kinds. Today, I will discuss wines with this prodigal mister!”


Jiang Qianxue was not present when Hong Dali bought the various armors. When he bought the raw gemstone, Jiang Qianxue had no idea what they were for. She did not think much of it, either. However, when she picked up the armor, she was surprised. “So many high-grade gems?” Saying this, she suddenly thought about the three mysterious women she met at Sauron Auction Center. Now that she looked carefully at Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei and Ling Xiaoyi…


The generating publicity part is working well, but what comes after? Can he make a profit? Will he sell other equipment in this shop to increase sales? Will that cover his capital? Huaqing frowned. He has so many shops, they should have cost him at least a few million. Even if he makes a 50% profit on each piece of equipment, how much will that add up to? Its obvious the profit margin on those gems are not that high. If he manages to sell each piece of equipment for two hundred thousand, hes lucky if the profit is two thousand. How long will he take to earn back his capital of millions?


So-so. Hong Dali took the Dali beans and gently tapped Ackas little head. Acka opened its eyes unwillingly. Suddenly, it saw the Dali beans and its eyes lit up. It opened its little mouth and peck, it ate one. It opened its mouth again and, peck, ate another bean. Once more it opened its mouth and peck, damn, that was one more bean gone.


Hong Dali hugged little Bai Hechou and looked at Wang Mingdao. Geezer Wang, it seems you didnt master much of Demon Fantasy Record previously either.

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Thirty-six million! The silver-level Honorary Aristocrat exclaimed immediately in surprise. Miss Xiaoyi, you drive a hard bargain!


“What do you mean by only level 27? That’s already very impressive and awesome, okay? Of course, this time, the mysterious man’s achievement is even better than Duan Xuan’s. This is a cause to be happy for.”


And he is able to have such a strong backing, his family background must be very powerful as well. I must make use of this point.


No, why would I tease our Qianxue? Jiang Dongliu gently smoothed Jiang Qianxues hair. Youre still young, only eighteen. Its normal for a girl of your age to be infatuated. Look at the girls who are from ordinary families, they chase handsome male stars and support powerful warriors. This is human nature. Who does not have people they idolize in their hearts? Right? However, our Qianxue is much more intelligent than they are. At least you know how to control yourself and not do anything you will regret. That is already admirable.


Such strong power! He was indeed the number one genius among the Galaxy Aristocrats. Just his entrance was sufficient for everyone to understand he was not easily trifled with.


En, en. Thats good, thats good. Tang Muxin beamed. Let more people become healthy. Nothing can be better than this!


Immediately, an option to combine gems appeared on the Systems menu. When he chose it, something that looked like an altar appeared in the air in front of Hong Dali. There were a total of three grooves in it. Under two of them were the small words: Original attribute gems. On top of the third were the words: Combined attribute gem.



This time, it was different from the pastHong Dali had Tang Muxin on the left and Jiang Qianxue on the right. An army of lackeys and guards followed behind him. Everyone on the streets stood on the sides and bowed at forty-five degrees in unison!



He was well aware of the ability of the White Beard Mister. Hong Dali aside, Ace was also an expert who passed level twenty-two. He was actually the White Beard Misters son as well.I better behave myself. I cannot afford to offend this family!


Speaking of which, for these eight starships, this trip here to Earth was practically like a vocation for them. But who could predict that they would meet with the Zerg race here? What’s more, it was at the scale of a Zerg tide!


Here, powerful beasts and terrifying creatures could be found all around. Also, the items that the Galaxy Aristocrats viewed very importantly, the Soul Stones, originated from here too!

  • On Hong Dalis end, after he returned to the virtual world, at the Galaxy Alliance Centers Savage Rose Tavern, he stretched lazily. Ah, it feels good being able to see my parents! Knowing that they are doing well is good enough. Hahaha! It feels really different!
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